Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Casts and Braces

I'm by no means an expert in this area.
All I know is what I've experienced and a few snippits I've learnt recently from my Beals connections. The braces and casts vary depending on the height of the curve and the specialist team.  Some examples of braces and casts I've seen recently:

In infantile scoliosis a cast or brace is used to control the curve.  In some cases of infantile scoliosis, the curve can be improved.  One of my new 'facebook friends' has a son in this situation.  Her son does not have Beals Syndrome, but was born with infantile scoliosis.  He is responding well to casting.  See his progress here

Unfortunately, in Beals Syndrome, the curve tends to continue to develop regardless. 
As you can see from Evelynes x-rays in my post on scoliosis.
Casting or bracing can still be used however in an attempt to slow down the progress of the curve.  I've learned recently that a plaster cast tends to get better results than a brace.

As you may imagine, casts in babies or toddlers can be difficult.  
They can be hot, heavy, and uncomfortable. They make fitting clothes difficult. 
If they're not walking yet it is difficult to hold them and carry them around. 
Casts can't be removed, so no baths.  
It's also important to try and keep them clean and dry. 
Fun with a toddler!

Some ways I managed were:

  • Gorgeous, large, waterproof bibs made by my mum
  • Still allowing some 'controlled' waterplay with a smock
  • Antiseptic powder for those nappy explosions
  • Smaller nappies, changed more frequently to fit under the cast
  • Larger, elasticised clothing such as leggings
  • Clothes with higher necklines
  • Unfortunately avoiding things like sandpits and the beach
  • A portable air conditioner in her room in summer
  • A lightweight pram in the boot at all times.  Other mums I know have used slings or backpacks.

The last picture is of course what not to do!!


  1. You are resourceful! It's amazing how patient our kids can be, isn't it? I love the picture of Evelyne snuggled in the laundry basket!


  2. Thanks Alice.
    Although the one in the laundry basket is one of my new found internet friends Thad. Cute shot though hey!

  3. Louise, Are you a member of the CAST support group through I know that Eve has Beals and that she will respond differently to casting, ect. but that is a great resource whether you consider continuing casting or plan the surgery now. Those parent's have so much first hand information. I had assumed that is how you knew Candice, but I am thinking now that you know her through a Beals group? I think it would be worth checking out friend! :)

  4. Hey Louise,
    I was reading about the sandpit issues and remembered this idea I saw a couple of days ago's not sand.... but maybe an Evelyne friendly alternative if done on a larger scale.
    Enjoying the blog news.
    Ally <'v'>