Wednesday, 20 February 2013

She can do anything!

I have previously been told that Evelyne may not be able to ride a 'normal' bike. This was thought due to her low muscle tone in her legs as well as her lack of core strength due to the scoliosis and brace. So when we went for walks we pushed Evelyne in a younger child's trike which had a parent controlled handle to push it. I wasn't too concerned as I knew of a company TAD, that helps modify bikes for older kids. I just assumed we would draw on their services one day.

Recently, a friend offered a bike for sale with training wheels and a parent handle. I thought, that's perfect! It's a standard sized bike, but we could still push her along.

We took her for her first ride, expecting to be pushing her along, and you can see the results from the video clip below. I'm not sure who was more excited, Evelyne or me.

Another lesson to never underestimate my girl!

Song : Jay Laga'aia - Bikeling - (used with permission)