Wednesday, 1 May 2013

A new spinal cast - with a 'twist'

On Friday Evelyne had another spinal cast applied.  I have been dreading it since our last experience ended with us having to remove it after 3 weeks due to pressure sores.
After discussions with her doctor, Angus Gray, she had the cast applied over a knit-rite shirt that I sourced from the US. He also casted her under the arms as her curve is quite low and she was very restricted in the shoulders last time. I am feeling positive about the impacts of these changes.

The last few days have been hard. Although the procedure went well and Evelyne recovered from the general anaesthetic quicker than last time, she has clearly been in discomfort and pain. She was on pain medication for the first few days and I found it hard to see her struggling. Evie is so tough and does not complain, but she has struggled to do simple things like take herself to the toilet.  It is amazing to think of the changes her body is coping with. They have pushed the scoliosis angle from over 60 degrees to 39 degrees. And she has grown almost 3cm in one day! You can see in the first picture she is trying to put on a brave face.

The last 2 days Evelyne has become happier and as she says "I am getting used to my cast". She went to preschool for 2 hours yesterday and ballet this morning. Although night-times are still hard it is encouraging to see her doing so well. I am now praying she stays free of pressure sores. 

I made her a doll to take with her into the theatre and put a matching cast on it. Thankfully it was a hit! I bought the printed duct tape online last year and am now very glad that I did. Milly hasn't left her side and now Evelyne has the pink polka dots to match.