Monday, 8 April 2013

Sleep Studies

Late last year Evelyne had a sleep study done as a follow on from her Restrictive Lung Disease diagnosis. They wanted to check that she was getting enough oxygen through the night.

After we checked in at Westmead, we got our beds set up and PJs on. Then the Sleep Technician came and put a series of wires and electrodes over Evelynes Head, face, and chest. They attached them with a paste much like toothpaste which was interesting to get out of her hair the next day! We then had to put the brace back on over the top. This was probably the trickiest part, as it was difficut to make sure the electrodes were not digging in too much underneath.

All up it was a relatively positive event. Much better than what I expected, and Evie coped much better than I expected too. There were a few hours in the early morning when she woke and was upset, and the Sleep Tech's had to come in a few times to check on her, so we were a bit sleep deprived the next day. 

We recently saw the doctor for the follow up. He was very pleased with the results. He had no concerns in regards to her oxygen levels at night. A great outcome!