Thursday, 23 June 2011

Casting for a new brace

Evelyne was casted for her new brace yesterday.  It was our third casting without a general anaesthetic.  I took the camera in this time as it's been hard to explain exactly how it all happens. 

She was amazing! She was clearly not very keen, but stayed still and whimpered only when the plaster first went on.  I was very proud of her! Sam sang songs to her while it was happening, and watched with interest. I should have taken a photo of him too!

Getting ready with a stocking type covering against her skin
Strapping her on the bed
My mum calls the 'bed' a 'rack'

Applying the plaster bandages

 Waiting for the plaster to dry
Cutting the plaster off

We will pick up the new brace next week. She picked pink butterflies! It will be a lot higher than her last brace and therefore more restrictive. We are hoping and praying she will tolerate it and also that it may be effective in holding off operating for a bit longer.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Lou, and helping us understand.
    T x

  2. What a patient and brave girl she is! And such a kind big brother. It looks like an excellent cast. I hope she adjusts to the brace well.

  3. Hello Louise and Jon
    Thank you for sharing this information about Beal's and how you all are going with Evelyne. We will pray for the Lord's continued guidance and wisdom as you face the times ahead. Our love, Andrew and Debbie Blencowe

  4. Kerryn Langman23 June 2011 at 19:19

    What a strong little person! Glad she has a chance to customise her cast with lovely butterflies, thinking of you all Kerryn

  5. Wow, from your descriptions, Evelyne seems to deal with the challenges of Beals with maturity and forebearance way beyond her years! Praying tonight for the effectiveness of the cast and continued strengthening and sustaining by our Lord for all of you!

  6. Good on you, Evelyne! She's impressively patient. Xxx

  7. beautiful little girl!! she is so brave! thanks for posting this! its giving me a look into what we may have to go thru soon! i love reading your blog! cant wait to meet soon! xx

  8. Brave girl!! I can see us going through that soon enough too for my "little crooked man". What a horrible piece of apparatus, looks like a medieval torture rack. Fingers crossed it helps Eve xo