Sunday, 17 June 2012

Tap dancing

Evelyne loves music and dancing. She sings all the time, making up her own songs, and loves to put music on and dance around the living room. At the beginning of the year I started looking into dancing classes. I knew she would never be a prima ballerina (nor would I necessarily want her to be), but I wanted her to be able to go to dance classes and have fun and enjoy music like a 'normal' kid. It had upset me thinking that she wouldn't necessarily be able to participate in classes like this.

I started researching options. After ringing around multiple dance groups in our town, one of the teachers said... "what about tap dancing?". She wouldn't have to do the same floor work, flexibility training, or exact body positioning, but she could stand and tap. We take her brace off for the weekly classes and although she has poor core stability, she copes well. It was exciting to find an option that might work for her for a few years at least, where she can have fun, gain skills and interact with other kids.