Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cast update

Last night we had to have Evelyne's cast removed. The last 4-5 days she had started complaining of pain and discomfort. It was particularly when I picked her up, sitting in chairs and she had also started sleeping on her front. Looking at the cast, it appeared that it may have shifted position. After a discussion with the hospital physiotherapist we realised it was highly probable she had developed a pressure sore.

We had it removed at our local Emergency Department to find that unfortunately she did have a pressure ulcer on her spine. I'll head back to Sydney to see the doctor in spinal clinic Tuesday to decide the next plan of action. 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Curve progression and casting

Evelyne's last x-ray in her quad brace showed that the curve had again progressed. It was not a huge surprise to us, as we could visually see the spine not staying in place in her brace.  Her scoliosis had progressed to 57 degrees in the brace. As a result we decided to go ahead with casting while we are still in the cooler months. I was quite optimistic about how the casting would go this time around. She is older, walking, not in nappies, feeding herself. All factors that made the cast when she was 12 months difficult. I continue to forget however that each new step brings it's own challenges!

Last week Evelyne was fitted for the new cast.  It was done by our new specialist on the 'risser frame' in the same style as the 'Mehta' casts. She was put under a general anaesthetic and they needed at least an hour to mould it to shape.

Waiting                                                                     Recovery

Leaving the hospital

The next few days were very hard.

Day 1 was especially as she struggled to learn to balance again under the weight. Simple things like walking and sitting up were difficult.

By day 2 she was up and walking and even trying to run a little, but still unable to get on and off the toilet herself, turn over in bed, and get on and off chairs.

Day 5 I took her back to our local physio to trip some of the plaster from around her arm holes to improve movement in her shoulders.

Day 6 She was at preschool playing in the playground with the other kids.

Today, 10 days on and she is her normal happy self. 
She is sleeping in her own bed, playing, running, dancing (although she still needs help for the toilet).  She copes better than I do when she goes through a new stage. 

It takes me a while to get used to seeing her struggling. It is also hard getting used to seeing how bulky it is on her. However she has the determination to work at it until she achieves what she wants. She's my little trooper!