Monday, 10 March 2014

Starting school

Evelyne started school last month and she is loving it! She is attending our local public school (same school as Samuel) which is only a short walk from our house. Incidently it is also the same school I started Kindergarten in almost 20 yrs ago. She is in a standard Kindergarten class with a part-time aide and some extra equipment to help her.

This includes:
- Her pram/buggy, to get to school, and to leave at school for when the kids walk longer distances or she gets tired
- A cushion for her chair as she was experiencing pain on her kyphosis when sitting
- A peanut cushion for sitting on the floor, to avoid 
- A splint for her wrist and thumb and a pencil grip
- A beanbag for floor sitting when tired

We are also in the process of organising a step and rails for the toilet (she is in a classroom with it's own toilet). This will be mainly needed for when she is fitted with another cast in April.

Her main issue, as we expected has been fatigue. As expected she has friends, loves classwork, loves her teacher, and is very independent. However she is exhausted by the afternoons. Although all new school kids experience this, with the added difficulty of her lung restriction, she was struggling. The first few weeks were especially difficult with the heat. The teacher and aide have been using her pram for longer distances, but have found they were even needing it for the short distances also. As a result the school have applied for more funding so her aide will be available more hours. This again, will be especially helpful come April, when she will need more assistance in the cast.

I was a mix of emotions leading up to her beginning 

school. Some excitement, some nerves and worry. It was hard to hand her over to others for so many hours in the week. However I am very happy that the school have been so helpful and I am confident that they are looking after her.

Our local paper did an article in her first week of school. It was a great article you can read the online version here