Sunday, 26 February 2012


This year Evelyne has started preschool! She is attending our local preschool one day a week. It is a wonderful parent run preschool with great staff and facilities. Samuel has attended there for the last 2 years, so Evelyne is very familiar with the environment and the teachers. 

We managed to get funding for a full-time teachers aide which has taken some of the worry out about how she will cope. And I think it will give us a good idea about how she will go in a couple of years at school and how much assistance she will need.

At the moment she needs some assistance with safety on the outdoor equipment (due to risk to her spine), help with her clothing for toileting (due to the brace).  The preschool has a special cut out table and slope board which makes it easier and less strain to do work at the tables. We also need to start working on her hand position for pencil grip.

She loves painting, glueing, reading and singing and proudly displays her craft and sings us the songs once she gets home. The only problem is she finds it hard to wait until the next Friday comes around!

The photos are of Evelyne's first day. She is grumpy because she just wanted to get out the door!