Monday, 3 June 2013

Another short-lived cast

On Friday we had Evelyne's cast cut off. It had been on for 5 weeks this time, so I was happy that it was a longer stint than the last one. We had three good weeks after she got used to the new cast. She was happy, independent and enjoyed playing at home and preschool. However over the last week she started complaining of pain. In particular she found sitting in chairs and in her carseat difficult, and she started waking in pain through the night also.

As a result we had the cast cut off locally. It was a very hard decision, as we really wanted this one to last longer. The ordeal of travel, general anaesthetics and xrays mean that the longer a cast can last, the better. However the change in her mood was demonstrating that something was wrong. We found that again there was a pressure sore on the point of her kyphosis. In the same spot as the last one. This sore was slightly wider, but thankfully not as deep as the previous sore. 

It is disappointing, but I am glad that we made the right decision. Leaving it longer would have meant a deeper sore, and a longer time for it to heal without any sort of support. On the positive side, Evelyne is enjoying her 'freedom' and she can now put on her shoes and socks by herself. The sore is healing well and we may even be able to put her brace back on her this week. Plus the first bath in 5 weeks was exciting!

P.S. Milly had her 'cast' cut off too. Evie talked her through the procedure and she was very brave.