Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Last brace!

Sometimes it can hard to put a positive spin on things. But often that's the best option.
Evelyne will have her first spinal surgery on the 7th January. It is a major surgery in which they will implant growing rods, attaching them to her spine. I'll write a longer post on this process soon.  
Although we are a bit apprehensive, we know that the time is right. Evie's last x-ray showed that her curves have reached 68 degrees and 49 degrees IN the brace. As a result of this progression she has been experiencing more discomfort and pain, and is finding more tasks and positions difficult. 
It is time.

We have so much to thank God for.

- It's been 4 years since I first thought surgery was imminent as I wrote about in this post
- She is now eligible for Magec rods which I first wrote about here in 2011 and hoped would be an option 
- This is the last brace! And what 7 year old Taylor Swift fan can resist heart and rose tattoo print