Sunday, 20 May 2012

Deformity Downunder

Evelyne was presented at another international conference earlier in the month. The conference had the unconventional title "deformity downunder". There were specialists from a few other countries including the US and New Zealand. Evelyne's 2 x spinal surgeons were present and outlined her case for the participants. Like the last conference, they presented her case on powerpoint, then gave specialists the opportunity to come forward and examine her.

Yet again Evelyne was amazing, and dealt with the experience very well. She did everything they asked and charmed them all with comments like "there's a lot of doctors here" as she looked around the room of about 30.  About 10 doctors examined her this time, crowding round. It is a strange experience, to see her on display as they crowd to check her out, yet valuing their expert advice on her case. There was a discussion on her current brace and its effectiveness and a discussion from the US specialists of the style in comparison to some braces used in the US. We then left the room and left them to discuss further.

This week we received the followup phone call from her specialist informing us of their conclusions. Overall they are very happy with her current brace. The plan is to make some slight adjustments at our next clinic in June. Thankfully there was no talk of surgery for the immediate future.

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  1. That's great about the surgery delay....Wonderful to have the opportunity for all those international opinions too! What a beautiful girl Evelyn is to endure it all with such grace.