Sunday, 18 December 2011

Brace shirts

Evelyne has had frequent problems with rubbing from her brace. This has significantly worsened in the new higher design, in particular under her arms. Through a couple of my online contacts, I heard of shirts specially made for under casts and braces. There are different types, one brand called 'knit-rite' which make a cast t-shirt (to be worn under a plaster cast), and another 'the Boston T' or 'the Boston Silver T' (made for boston braces). They reduce perspiration, bacteria, are cooler in summer, and can be changed to reduce smelling and itching. 

I tried to find the shirts online and always hit brick walls. The main being that they would not ship to Australia. In a last attempt to find one I posted a request on an online forum for infantile scoliosis. Success! Within a week I had an offer to post some to me from the US and not long after they arrived. The shirts we got sent are the Boston Silver T and are specifically designed for a brace. They even have flaps under the arms to reduce rubbing in that area. They have made a phenomenal difference to Evelyne's comfort levels. She is kept cooler, less sweaty and smelly, and most importantly - no sores under the arms or on her spine!

Here is a picture of her showing off her new singlet.


  1. Just yesterday someone told me that they had found a way around the problem of US companies not shipping to Australia. Apparently there are companies in the US who's business is simply re-shipping - you get your product shipped to them, then they ship to you... I didn't ask the name but for anyone interested in this product it is something to investigate.

  2. What a fantastic idea!! Here's to a happier, more comfortable Summer!!

  3. Hello. I found this blog most interesting to come across as I have Beal's syndrome myself. I am 26 years old and so looking at the pictures and readig Evelyn's stories really hit home for me. I was in a brace for a few years..eventually I had to have a spinal fusion when I was 12. I know you probably are in touch with great doctors, but if you ever want to know first hand anything about living life with this syndrome, please feel free to contact me via email.

  4. Very fantastic thinking. For this the baby looks cute and happy. so by this way back brace can be used frequently . thanks