Monday, 29 August 2011

Mehta Casting

I have been doing more research into different casting techniques in the hope of finding another alternative to try before surgery.

I had heard many times of Mehta casting, which is perfomed by some doctors in the US. However I did not think it was possible to have this technique done in Australia. I have recently found out that there is a doctor who has hands on training in Mehta casting in Australia, and that his hospital has one of the specialised casting tables required. We have booked in to see him in the hope that this style of casting may be an option for Evelyne.

Although we know she will eventually require surgery, we are still hoping that we can hold out longer. You can see a clip about Mehta casting below.

Mehta Casting

UAB Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Khoury explains the process of Mehta casting and how it is used to treat infantile scoliosis.

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  1. Oh I'm so happy to hear you have an option at Mehta casting!

    Even if surgery is certain due to the nature of beals, good casting can achieve great correction in advance of surgery and definately help put surgery off as long as possible!

    Please update after the consult appt!

  2. Thanks for posting the video Lou, it helps to understand the technique. Couldn't believe how much the little girl in the video has some of the same physical characteristics as Evelyne (they way she walks, runs and moves her arms).